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Tips To Sell Homemade Jewelry Online

For many, making homemade jewelry is more than just a hobby. Many jewelry makers are turning to the Internet to sell their pieces. If you are thinking of selling your jewelry online, here are some tips to help you attract customers.

Keep Up with Trends

Now that you are making jewelry to sell online, you must be mindful of what is and is not popular. Trends pieces tend to sell faster than other less popular jewelry. Take the time to research what is in style and try to create pieces that fit the demand.

If you are worried about the costs of creating trendy pieces, there are ways to get the supplies you need without breaking the bank. For instance, you can find scrap gold from online companies, like Coins Plus, to incorporate into your pieces. Before buying the gold though, find out what the current value is for scrap gold. You can use this to determine whether you are getting a good bargain and to calculate how much of your budget will go towards the gold.

There are various sources of scrap gold, including old jewelry, gold coins, and electronics. You also need to verify the legitimacy of the gold. You can ask for certification of the authenticity, and you can examine it. If the gold appears to be discolored, it is likely not real.

Once you have your materials, you can focus on creating a design that works with your supplies and fits the current trends. Remember, you can make slight modifications to ensure the jewelry reflects your own style.

Take Good Pictures

Since you are selling your jewelry online, customers need to be able to clearly see what is being offered. Without good product photos, you could miss out sales. Your picture must be eye-catching because you only have a few seconds to get the attention of someone viewing your site.

Ideally, your pictures should not include too many other items. You want your jewelry to be the focus of the pictures you post. If you put other objects in the pictures, they can draw attention away from the pieces.

You should also stick to using a plain background. A simple background will help the pieces to stand out. If the background is too busy, it could make it difficult to see just how special your pieces are.

The most important thing to remember is that although this is a business for you now, you still should have fun. Make pieces that make you happy and others will appreciate them.