Coming Up With Fun Craft Ideas

Create A Halloween-Themed Rock Garden

Create a Halloween-themed rock garden to border your front yard that represents your festive mood this holiday by completing the steps below. Use hand-painted rocks, colorful gravel pieces, pumpkins, and gourds to design the rock garden and install a couple drop lights next to the garden to illuminate the decorations.


  • rake
  • tape measure
  • large rocks
  • drop cloth
  • spray paint
  • craft paint
  • thin paintbrushes
  • stencils
  • wiggle eyes
  • craft glue
  • fabric
  • scissors
  • acrylic spray
  • small shovel
  • bags of gravel
  • pumpkins
  • gourds
  • drop lights
  • electrical outlet

Level Soil And Paint Rocks

Choose a central location in front of your home to add the rock garden to. An area that contains a lot of soil will work well and will allow you the opportunity to wedge the base of each decorated rock into the soil so that all of the rocks are stable. Use a rake to collect loose pebbles or leaves that are in the soil. After leveling the soil, determine how many rocks you would like to add to the garden.

Purchase rocks from a landscaping business or search for large rocks on your property. Place the rocks on a firm surface that has a drop cloth spread over it. Use standard spray paint to paint the surface of each rock. Choose bright colors of paint that will be easy to see during the day or night. After the paint dries, use thin paintbrushes to trace stencils that are eye, nose, or mouth-shaped.

If you would rather use artificial eyes, apply craft paint to the back of wiggle eyes and press the eyes firmly against each rock. If you would like to design faces that resemble witches, ghosts, or pumpkins, templates that have features that are reminiscent of each creature can be traced on each rock's surface. Use fabric pieces to create hats for the rocks. Glue a fabric hat to the top of each rock. 

Place Rocks In The Garden And Add Gravel, Pumpkins, Gourds, And Lighting

After the paint and craft glue have had time to dry, apply a coat of acrylic spray across the surface of each rock. The spray will preserve the shininess of the decorations and paint and will prevent the materials from becoming damaged if they get wet. After the spray dries, line the rocks up across the soil-covered surface that you chose. Press the base of each rock into the earth.

Use a small shovel to dispense small gravel pieces around each rock. Spread the gravel out with your hands or the shovel's metal tip. Place small pumpkins and gourds around the perimeter of the rock garden. Aim a couple drop lights toward the rock garden. Turn the lights on at night to enhance the festive display.

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