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Using Flour Sack Towels To Embellish Gift Items

Flour sack towels are constructed of very thin cotton threads that are tightly bound together. Due to the tight weave and heavy weight of the fabric, flour sack towels have become a welcome addition to many households and can be used for drying dishes and hands or cleaning up spills. Undyed towels or ones that contain a printed design can also be used as a replacement for gift bags or wrap.

If you're into DIY projects, you could purchase some bulk towels and use some crafting techniques to prepare them for future gift exchanges.

Plain, Dyed, or Stitched Towels

Plain flour sack towels will support your plans to add some personal touches to the fabric, including a fabric-painted design or stitchery. You can also purchase flour sack towels that already contain a specific color theme or design. Consider the gift items that will be given to a loved one and pick a color or design that will be complementary.

For example, if you are going to be giving someone a set of floral perfumes and bath products, a sack towel that bears a floral print or hand-stitchery that resembles a bouquet of fresh blooms may accent the items. Review the measurements of each group of towels that you plan on purchasing. This will help you determine if a towel is large enough to line or cover a gift basket or if one will be an adequate size to wrap around a gift item.

Wrapping Techniques

If you would like to use a decorative basket as part of a gift, choose two sack towels to add to the display. Lay one towel along the inside of the basket. Place gift items on top of the towel. Use the other towel to conceal the gifts. Either drape the towel over the top of the basket or cut small strips of fabric and use them to embellish the handle. The strips of fabric can be hand-dyed and will add color to the gift display.

To create gift bags, lay one towel on a table. If the towel contains a printed or stitched design, make sure that the decorative side of the fabric is facing the table surface. Place the gifts in the center of the towel. Grasp the sides of the towel and bunch them together. Then, use thick ribbon to secure the ends together.

For a standard wrapping technique that is similar to the use of gift wrap, place gift items in a box and treat a flour sack towel in the same manner that you would treat a sheet of wrapping paper. Use the towel to cover the box and place strips of tape along all of the folded fabric seams.