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3 Ways To Clean & Keep Dust Off Collectible Diecast Cars

Diecast cars are known for their accurate features and intricate designs. Unfortunately, all of the small details added to vehicles can make the areas prone to dust. As you purchase items like a 1969 police Chevrolet Camaro collectible, you want to ensure the item remains in mint condition. Learn ways to clean and keep dust off the toy cars with ease and without damage. 1. Microfiber Cloths Just like waxing and wiping a real car, put a little care into the toy vehicle you own.

Using Flour Sack Towels To Embellish Gift Items

Flour sack towels are constructed of very thin cotton threads that are tightly bound together. Due to the tight weave and heavy weight of the fabric, flour sack towels have become a welcome addition to many households and can be used for drying dishes and hands or cleaning up spills. Undyed towels or ones that contain a printed design can also be used as a replacement for gift bags or wrap.

Dry Erase Boards: Three Fun And Functional Ideas

If you like the idea of taking something functional, like a dry erase board, and making it fun with customization and creativity, then these crafting projects are for you. Try these three fun and functional dry erase board ideas. Clever Customized Dry Erase Boards Want to make a simple dry erase board a little more special? Adorn the frame with things like Scrabble game tiles or motifs and monograms to personalize the board to suit your taste, color scheme, or special occasion.

3 Fun Activities To Do With Drones

Now that drones are legal for private citizens to own and use, many people are joining in on the fun, and with good reason. There are many fun activities you and your family can do with a drone. If you've been considering getting a drone, but you aren't sure if you'd ever use it, check out these three fun activities you can do with a drone. Make Movies and Take Photos

Create A Halloween-Themed Rock Garden

Create a Halloween-themed rock garden to border your front yard that represents your festive mood this holiday by completing the steps below. Use hand-painted rocks, colorful gravel pieces, pumpkins, and gourds to design the rock garden and install a couple drop lights next to the garden to illuminate the decorations. Materials rake tape measure large rocks drop cloth spray paint craft paint thin paintbrushes stencils wiggle eyes craft glue fabric scissors acrylic spray small shovel bags of gravel pumpkins gourds drop lights electrical outlet Level Soil And Paint Rocks

Tips To Sell Homemade Jewelry Online

For many, making homemade jewelry is more than just a hobby. Many jewelry makers are turning to the Internet to sell their pieces. If you are thinking of selling your jewelry online, here are some tips to help you attract customers. Keep Up with Trends Now that you are making jewelry to sell online, you must be mindful of what is and is not popular. Trends pieces tend to sell faster than other less popular jewelry.

The Different Ways To Use Balloons To Decorate For Your Birthday Bash

If you're throwing a birthday bash at a venue, using balloon arrangements from a place like Tampa Bay Balloons is a great idea. Before the arrangements are made, consult the people who make these arrangements and find out what they can offer to you. Most party planners provide this service and have pictures of some of the neat designs and creative pieces they've been able to make out of balloons. Choose the Perfect Arch