Coming Up With Fun Craft Ideas

Dry Erase Boards: Three Fun And Functional Ideas

If you like the idea of taking something functional, like a dry erase board, and making it fun with customization and creativity, then these crafting projects are for you. Try these three fun and functional dry erase board ideas.

Clever Customized Dry Erase Boards

Want to make a simple dry erase board a little more special? Adorn the frame with things like Scrabble game tiles or motifs and monograms to personalize the board to suit your taste, color scheme, or special occasion. For instance, you could use hot glue to spell out a personal name with the small wooden Scrabble tiles for a friend as a birthday gift. Some other embellishment ideas include:

  • Tie and glue pom-poms or yarn tassels to the board for a kids' room or locker.
  • Add culinary-themed trinkets or cut-outs for a dry erase board used for a grocery list in the kitchen.
  • Apply adhesive hooks to the frame of your board for keys, and position the board near the front door of your home or office.

Visit craft and scrapbook stores or sites to find other unique embellishments that are perfect to glue to the frame of your dry erase board, as well as stickers to apply to the face of your board.

Creative Configuration of Dry Erase Boards

Consider constructing a grouping of dry erase boards- a great option in a kids' room or home office- that come together to form a single functional focal point in the space. Depending on the size of the room, you will want to use boards that are at least 8"x10" to ensure ample room for messages and notations.

Do-It-Yourself Dry Erase Boards

You can make your own dry erase board using simple craft supplies for a distinctive decorative accent that also serves a useful purpose. The easiest way to make a dry erase board is with scrapbook paper, picture frames with glass fronts, and online templates for designs, if desired. Regular dry erase markers work on this glass-front dry erase board, also.

If your dry erase boards are second-hand, damaged, or just dirty, clean them up with a homemade concoction. Simply use a spritz of hydrogen peroxide, a squirt of hand sanitizer, or a mixture of vinegar and water and wipe clean. Your boards should look good as new!

Who doesn't love the practicality and simplicity of a dry erase board? Use these tips to take yours to the next level with some simple crafting ideas. Visit online suppliers and retail venues to find what you need to take your dry erase boards to the next level.

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