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Three Benefits Of A "Pour And Store" Paint Can Lid

If you're getting ready to tackle any significant painting project in your home, you'll almost certainly be buying one or more gallon paint cans at your local paint store. While you'll likely be shopping for rollers and brushes at the same time, you should also plan to buy a plastic lid that will clip onto the top of your can once you pry off the metal lid. Often known as "pour and store" lids, these lids have a simple design that features a spout. There are several reasons that adding this type of lid to your gallon paint can is a good idea, including these three benefits. 

Easier Pouring

As you work on your painting project, you'll need to pour paint from the can into your painting tray on several occasions. If you've ever poured paint from a gallon can, you know just how challenging this task can be. Sometimes, paint runs down the side of the can and makes a mess around the painting tray. At other times, the paint comes out of the can too quickly, resulting in more paint in the tray than you need. The small spout that is built into your paint can lid will allow you to pour paint in an easy, controlled manner.

Protection Against Drying

It can sometimes be difficult to get a metal lid back on your paint can. If you pried the lid off to the point that it bent, you might find that there's no longer an airtight seal around the paint can when you put the lid back on. This can cause air to get into the paint can and begin drying out the paint. When you use a "pour and store" lid, this won't be a problem. This lid forms a solid seal around the lip of the paint can, and as long as you make sure that the cover on the spout is closed, your paint will have minimal air exposure. This will improve its shelf life.

Prevention Of Tip-Over Spills

It's common to keep your can of paint near you when you're working, but it's unfortunately easy to accidentally kick it while you move around the room. A can that doesn't have a lid will topple over and create a major mess—as well as require you to go buy more paint. When you have a plastic lid on the can, it can fall over without making a spill.

Shop for this type of accessory at your local paint store.